Salzburg's best beers

Rooted in tradition and innovation, Salzburg’s beer culture invites enthusiasts to savor a rich tapestry of locally brewed delights, where historic techniques and contemporary flavors converge in every frothy glass.

Die weisse

Established in 1901, Die Weisse stands as Austria’s oldest wheat beer brewery. Their amber-colored beer is characterized by a firm foam and a delightful fruity aroma, a hallmark of their dedication. Discover the rich tradition of Die Weisse by visiting the conveniently located beer garden and restaurant just around the corner from us. This beer is truly a must-try, offering a taste of history and exceptional craftsmanship.

Kastner Schenke

Our hotel is fortunate to be located next to a brewery with a rich history of crafting beer since 1998. Just a stone’s throw from our front door is Kastner Schenke, a delightful beer garden offering two exquisite varieties of originally brewed beer. Whether you choose to enjoy the guest garden or one of their traditional rustic rooms, Kastner Schenke’s inviting ambiance ensures an authentic and memorable experience.


Embracing a youthful and vibrant vibe, this Belgian pub stands out as a preferred hotspot among Salzburg’s younger crowd. Boasting an outstanding array of both local and international selections, it caters to diverse tastes. For those seeking beyond the local spectrum, this cash-only establishment creates a lively atmosphere ideal for tastings, making it a great venue for groups ranging from 5 to 15!


Stiegl is another family owned brewery focused on sustainability, regional products, and quality. You’ve probably seen the Stiegl sign outside of restaurants. This beer enjoys widespread popularity, extending far beyond its local acclaim. Visit Stiegl Brauwelt and enjoy some freshly drawn Stiegl beers in a traditional brewery atmosphere.

Restaurant Stieglkeller

This restaurant claims one of Salzburg’s nicest views of the old town. This is an alternative if you don’t feel like traveling far out of the city but still want a fresh pint of Stiegl beer! This affiliate to the private brewery carries most of their specialties. Why not stop by for a bite and a pint?

Augustiner Bräu

Brewed and savored by Austrians since 1621, this beer holds a legacy of tradition. Housed in Salzburg’s largest hall, boasting a spacious indoor area of 5,000 m2 and an additional 1400 seats in the garden, the venue exudes a historic charm. Immerse yourself in the experience as beer is skillfully drawn from wooden barrels and presented in classic stone jugs. Stalls offer a variety of traditional Austrian delights. A visit to this hall promises a glimpse into the enchanting bygone eras of Austria.


For a Trumer experience right in town, don’t miss Trumer’s „City Branch Office.“ Step into a haven where modern craft brew culture comes to life, offering not just a meal but a vibrant and chic ambiance to savor. Kick back, unwind, and let the city pulse align with the contemporary essence of Trumer. Cheers to an elevated beer experience! 🍻

trumer privatbrauerei

Embarking on its eighth generation with an impressive 400-year history, this privately-owned brewery stands as a testament to enduring craftsmanship. Their award willing Trumer Pils, has been perfected and brewed in Obertrum am See since 1601. Although situated a bit further out, the journey is well-rewarded. Take a guided tour that promises not just a deep dive into beer knowledge but also a culinary experience, leaving you well-fed and thoroughly refreshed. Additionally, seize the opportunity to brew your own beer. Dedicate a day to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Trumer in the scenic lakeside surroundings.